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Wow, what a year!

It’s been an insanely busy year for me, thus my complete lack of posts. Not that there’s anyone who really reads here to keep up, but this was once an outlet for things that bother me or discussions I found … Continue reading

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“You’re one of THOSE guys”

I have been considering writing this story for some time, but for various reasons it hasn’t been written. With Valentine’s Day now merely a large set of headlights in our rear view mirror, I find the timing appropriate. Many people … Continue reading

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“Sound” Advice

People argue. I know this is a shocker, right?!? Countries engage in wars over differing opinions, people engage in fist fights over words, and couples scream at each other over emotions. I’m 41 years old, with a plethora of “life … Continue reading

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Open letter to an adult son

My son, I can still remember the day you were born. I was so scared for you, and for me. Scared for you because you weren’t immediately healthy, and scared for me in that I had to learn how to … Continue reading

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A daunting task

I am sitting in my house in Maryland… the movers come in 6 days and my task is to get ready. Alas, with all of the life changes occurring the time leading up to today has been filled with phone … Continue reading

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This is par for the course. I get involved in too many things, and the least important ones get pushed to the side as the more important things on my list get crossed off (that IS the way it’s supposed … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr Grapes

It is important to begin by stating that today is March 27, 2012. Today is also Tuesday. It was my intention to be making this journey on Wednesday, but I presently find myself exhausted from lack of sleep and a … Continue reading

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