About Me

My name is Dann Martinez, and at the time of this writing I am serving on active duty in the US Army. I have been doing so for more than 19 years at this time, and am looking forward to retirement next year and the next set of challenges I endeavor to undertake.

I have been working on a Bachelor’s degree for about 10 years now, and there is finally a light at the end of tunnel. I am taking my final 3 classes during the Spring 2012 semester and will graduate in May 2012. Anyone that says persistence doesn’t pay off, never stuck with anything long enough to find out.

I am, while taking these final 3 classes, studying for the LSAT, which I will be taking in February 2012. It is my intention to be a full time student after my military retirement, and attend law school in California.

This blog will primarily be dedicated to the next chapter of my life, and the preparations thereof.


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