“Sound” Advice

People argue.

I know this is a shocker, right?!?

Countries engage in wars over differing opinions, people engage in fist fights over words, and couples scream at each other over emotions. I’m 41 years old, with a plethora of “life experience” behind me, and I’ve come to a grand conclusion with regard to arguments. Honestly, it’s a method to minimize and then resolve the issue being argued about. This advice, this simple “program” of only three simple steps is so amazing and guaranteed to work, that I’ll gladly refund to you your purchase price if you aren’t 110% satisfied. Amazing! No need to watch any cheesy videos or slideshows. There are no mailing lists to join, simply continue to read this article and I’ll tell you how to minimize your argument to the point that you can resolve the issue about which you are arguing. Ready? Here goes…

Step 1) Take 5 deep breaths.

Calm down… relax… if it’s a life or death situation, call 9-1-1 before you take the deep breaths, but you damn well better get to it. Stress and anger, the emotions that are most likely causing you to yell, will be somewhat quelled. You can NOT skip this step, it’s important.

Step 2) Lower your voice.

Nothing will change if you don’t change it yourself and when you are yelling, your “opponent” feels attacked. Don’t do it… just use a normal voice.

Step 3) Talk.

What are you arguing ABOUT? You may have been yelling about the kids, or the checkbook, or the burnt corn on the stove but you likely were not arguing BECAUSE of any of those things. Set aside the “object” of the discussion, and discuss why it got so heated so you can determine the underlying issue.

That’s it! End of lesson, 3 easy steps and you’re now well educated on improved inter-personal communications and relationships.

If not satisfied, kindly submit, to the email address associated with this article, in .jpg format, your proof of purchase, actual UPC code, credit card statement showing date you made your purchase, and a letter of no more or less than 417.5 words stating the reasons you require a refund, and I will happily refund to you the entirety of your purchase price of $0, minus shipping and handling, state and local taxes, and an 87% re-stocking fee.

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