Genesis – Chapter 5

Many people were born, and they were related to… and lived this many years.

Person                                            Son of                                                 Years lived

Adam Not applicable 930
Seth Adam 912
Enos Seth 905
Cainen Enos 910
Mahalaleel Cainen 895
Jared Mahalaleel 962
Enoch Jared 365 (only 365, poor bastard!)
Methuselah Enoch 969
Lamech Methuselah 777
Noah Lamech Unknown
Shem Noah Unknown
Ham Noah Unknown
Japheth Noah Hey wait a minute, you only get 2… well, we’ll see.

And they ate grain from the field and fruits from the trees, wore adult diapers for at least 800 years, and refused to die.

Author’s note: Generally I re-write the chapter, but this is ridiculous enough without any help. The only part of the chapter that I left out was how old each of them was when they had their sons. It’s interesting there’s no mention of daughter’s at all… I guess we’re a few thousands years before bras were ablaze.

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