Genesis – Chapter 3

On the morning of the 10th day, the woman awoke next to the man and as he slept she went to gather food.  The woman brought back food, and began to talk about the next day, and how they would live together, and do everything together and how wonderful everything would be.  Man grinned in response, and ate the food woman had gathered.

Man was instructed by GOD not to eat of the tree of dream and reality, as it was evil… and although man had no recognition of dream and reality yet, he knew that there was something evil about that tree as he had a foreboding feeling every time he looked upon it.  As woman spoke through the morning and the entirety of the day, he knew that something just wasn’t good about it.  He didn’t know what she meant when she talked about “marriage” or children, but he had a feeling in his stomach that it wasn’t good.  Man decided to call her Eve, as he thought that calling her “Evil” would be very harsh and make her talk even more although he felt it was an appropriate name.

As the day drew on, man was going crazy.  Eve wouldn’t close her mouth for more than three seconds, and she began to ridicule him for his belching and scratching, and then for everything he did.  So Adam went for a walk and was sitting under the tree of dream and reality when GOD noticed him looking up at the fruit.

“Hello Man, remember that the fruit of this tree is forbidden as food.”

“I know, that other creature is just driving me crazy!  Eve won’t close her mouth for more than a second.  She ridicules me, and is making plans about something called ‘marriage.’  I don’t even know what that is!  I just want her to go away and leave me alone.”

“You shouldn’t have given her that drink yesterday, and laid with her last night.”

“I just wanted to have some fun, it didn’t mean anything.”

“It did to her.”

“I know it did…”

“Well, remember that the fruit of this tree is poisonous and will kill you, you really should go find somewhere else to spend your time.  Maybe if you went and talked to Eve…”

With that, man reached up and grabbed a piece of the fruit and took a giant bite.  He was dead in moments.

“Ahhh damn!” exclaimed GOD.  GOD created another man, and named him “Ahhh damn.”  When the newly created man saw Eve, he introduced himself and Eve, with her ever moving lips took a break from talking, she repeated his name quickly as Adam.  From that point on, the man was Adam as Eve never spoke slowly.

GOD created a mountain in order to protect the tree of dream and reality from his creatures so no others would meet the same fate as the first man, and encased the tree within the mountain.

Adam and Even lived in the garden together, with no knowledge of the tree.

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