Pauper Dann’s Bible-Introduction

Being raised Catholic, I was fully “indoctrinated” by the time I was about 15.  I received my first communion (eating the “body” of Christ, creepy!), was an alter boy for years, and was “confirmed.”  I had alot of fun in the weekly classes, and even volunteered as a teacher’s aide one year for a class of younger children when I was in Junior High School.  As I grew older I began to question the premise of “blind faith” that is required of all religions and the idea of a “big magic guy” in the sky who created everything we see made less and less sense.  I am far more of a “seeing is believing” sort of person, and the whole “blind faith” just because that’s what I was told just didn’t sit well.  I’ve watched many documentaries on the topic, had numerous intelligent conversations on the subject (during one of my assignments in the US Army I had the privilege of being in a unit that had a Chaplain that was willing to have such conversations that we could both speak our sides of the discussion and finish as friendly as we had begun.  He was open to my discussion as I was to his, and we had several pleasant talks on the subject.

Mark Twain wrote a hilarious book entitled “The Bible According to Mark Twain” which my father owned I read many years ago. The part which is particularly entertaining is the sections regarding Adam and Eve. If you have an open mind and can appreciate the Bible being made fun of, I fully recommend this book.

As Christianity was, as an idea, passed down for hundreds of years through word of mouth by travelers only select stories survived.  There are numerous stories that were part of the original “Bible” (collection of religious stories told by travelers, before ANY of it was ever written down) that did not survive.  The books in the current “Bible” are the stories that were the most popular with the peasantry, and thus the most requested, or the books that the church deemed important as a method of endorsing its story and thus assisting in the exercise of control over the lives of those same peasants.  The Book of Judas has been uncovered, but you won’t find it in ANY “Bible” at all, as it discusses a different version of his story… one which would detract from the church’s version.

While I would never consider myself a writer on the same level of anyone published at all, let alone Twain, I wanted to write the modern/poor man’s version of the “Bible”.  Call it a guilty pleasure.  I love to write although I often have difficulty in coming up with topics.  This idea has been floating around in my head for years, and I figured it was high time to get it started.

If your mind is completely closed regarding options other than what the “Bible” says, or you are going to be offended as I make fun of it, you shouldn’t read any more of my writings in this category.  I am going to poke fun at the entire idea… that’s my purpose in this endeavor.  If you read on, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1 >>>

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One Response to Pauper Dann’s Bible-Introduction

  1. Hi,
    it is easy to make fun of the Christian religion, no one dares the other. God is merciful in this.
    I read the first chapter .. nose with a bit tight, but I am curious: it’s funny, not offensive, I think I will read the others chapters. I have to translate so I don’t know if it makes your style.
    I’m sorry for my english, I’m rusty!

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