Yahtzee by Candlelight

A couple of weeks ago the power went out at my home, and my daughter and I were interrupted while watching a movie.  We scrambled for candles and once we found some, decided we would play Yahtzee.  We had all of the equipment, and began.  About half way through the game the power came back on.  I looked at my 11 year old daughter, who rarely wants to do much of anything with me says “Keep playing!”

Dad happily complied and we played 2 games, each winning one (she got 2 Yahtzee’s in the second game, and crushed me!).  I posted this on Facebook and the ensuing discussion was about how easy the game is, and anyone who has played it just once doesn’t need the score sheets to keep track.  While this is true, I thought I would make a score sheet anyway.  So, here it is:

Yahtzee Scoresheet in Excel

The math is done for you. Now go grab your kids, turn out the lights, burn some candles and make some memories!

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2 Responses to Yahtzee by Candlelight

  1. tislaw says:

    I always liked those times when we lost power in Tahoe. It was always fun and everyone had a good time. So sad when the power came back on.

  2. I’ve never heard of this game!! I’d like to play with my daughter, thanks for share.

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