I hate you because…

… you’re black.  I hate you because you’re white.  I hate you because you’re Jewish.  I hate you because you’re not…

A few days ago, I was in a public restroom and saw a man talking to himself.  As the restroom was silent, other than his voice, I couldn’t help but overhear what he was saying… first of all, he wasn’t talking to himself.  He was standing at and using a urinal, talking to someone on his blue tooth earpiece (um.. EWWW!).  Immediately, his actions and decision are in question in my book, he is definitely not a couth gentleman.

I have to assume that this person worked in public relations in some capacity.  He was talking about whether or not he should push a public apology on someone’s behalf for making anti-semetic comments.  Maybe he works for Mel Gibson, although it wouldn’t have been a very timely response as it was just last week that I overheard his comments.

We have all heard of people making comments about another group of people… history has attempted to teach us repeatedly that hating someone for their demographic category causes nothing positive.  Alas, it continues… and I wonder why it bothers people at all.

Personally, I don’t fall into any neat little category, other than being male.  I am not really Caucasian or Hispanic, am a little too fair skinned to be black… I am not rich, nor am I poor.  I am an atheist, but appreciate people’s views so long as they don’t try and force them on me.

Here’s what really makes me wonder about this specific hate… if I was Jewish and Mel Gibson made a comment that showed his dislike for me because of my religion, why would I care?  I don’t have any sort of physical or mental need for him to like me.  My life is no different if he likes me or not.  If a white person doesn’t like me because I’m anything but white, I don’t want to know him or be his friend anyway, so it doesn’t affect me… I just don’t care.

During the OJ Simpson trial, when much of the country was pushed apart based on lines of color, I worked with a person of African decent who told me, in very plain English, that OJ was innocent because he is black.  Her comments, and I questioned her for clarification, were not based on evidence or assumptions at all.  Her bias was based on color, period!  That was the last time I spoke with her regarding anything that wasn’t purely work related.  She clearly brought nothing to an intelligent conversation, so why bother?   My opinion on the OJ Simpson trial and verdict is based on incomplete information as I wasn’t able to sit in front of the television for weeks on end listening to all of the evidence, nor would I have even if I had the time to do so.

I just don’t understand I guess.  If someone hates me for being who I am instead of something I’ve done, I don’t want them to be a part of my life anyway… I don’t care if they hate me.  If there is a prejudice that creates unfair hiring practices (as EEO programs seek to give jobs and promotions to minorities in the work force instead of the most qualified persons) or treatment, then it’s an issue.  If it’s just Mr Jones hates Mr Johnson because of the color of his skin, his age, his religious beliefs, his sexual preference, or anything other than the quality of his character, Mr Johnson needs to ignore it.  Jones isn’t worth knowing to begin with…

I have several friends named Johnson and Jones… no, I’m not talking about them.  I selected those names as they are similar to each other, and common.

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