A New Twist

I’ve been negligent in writing lately, and for that I apologize.  This blog was going to be my outlet to discuss my random rants and opinions, and I may still do that from time to time, but the focus here will generally change.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I find that I am not a great story teller.  That is to say, I don’t make up my own stories at all.  Generally, I write about something I see of hear that strikes my fancy, and I give an editorial opinion on it.  Any of my readers who know me at all know that I am like that in my daily life as well (which hasn’t always suited me, but it is who I am).

After I had published a few articles here, I had a friend ask me how he could go about doing the same thing so I showed explained how easy it was, and I hope that he’s off and running, writing his own content and even if no one ever reads it, it’s documented for him and he can go back to it as he so chooses.  Honestly, that’s been my only goal here as well.  I love writing, I have alot of opinions, and I wanted a place to publish the spewings of my mind so that I can find them in the future.

A couple of days after my friend asked me about how to start his blog, my sister did the same.  We conjured a name, but I’m not too sure she’s started yet as I haven’t heard anything.  A week or so after that she called me with an idea… “We should write a book.”  At first I was skeptical, but the level of technology today actually makes it very easy and affordable to publish your own book.  I was intrigued.

Our father was a very interesting character (to say the least).  He was always nice to people until they showed him they deserved otherwise; he was optimistic to a fault; and would do anything to help anyone, particularly for us (the family).  My sister thought it would be great if we both wrote the stories we remember of our father.. things he did, stories he told, and put them together in a permanent book.  What if we approached the rest of the family, and some of dad’s friends and asked them to relate stories they remembered about him.  We will have a few stories that are duplicates, but from different perspectives and thought that would be interesting.

In the best of cases, we would have a book that someone might want to read, and perhaps we could sell one or two of them.  In the worst case, we spend a substantial amount of time documenting our fondest memories and create a permanent record for our children, most of which don’t remember him or weren’t born yet when he died in 2002.  It’s a win-win situation, so we’re gonna do it.

As I so infrequently have topics I am passionate about to write about, my blog space will become a place where I relate some of the stories of my father and our family as I work with my sister, family and friends on the endeavor to create a permanent recollection about “Our April Fool”.

I truly hope that this altered blog focus is still interesting enough to entice you to read, but frankly it doesn’t matter one way or the other.  The decision has been made… stories are imminent.

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