With the prevalence of impersonal/digital communication in society today, it’s important to remember a specific point about communication itself:

The message of a communication between people has NOTHING to do with the intention behind the transmission of the message.  It has EVERYTHING to do with the perceived intent that the receiver of the message formulates upon receiving the message.

When you send any message (text, email, voice, physical maneurism, etc), you must consider your audience.  They may not know what you know and they may not feel how you feel on a subject.  They may have no idea what your intended point is, or what the underlying circumstances are.

You must also consider your medium of communication.  It’s hard to text sarcasm unless you have a rapport with the receiver of your message.

In order to get your point across, you must tell the entire story.  You must be simple and clear about what you want to transmit.  This is particularly true in the impersonal communication methods so prevalent in this digital age.

Just food for thought…

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