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There are approximately 3.4 divorces per thousand of population each year.  There are about 6.8 marraiges per year for that same thousand people (see “Links” at end of article for reference).  There are more than 350 million people legally (the number of people here illegally is unknown, but stats on their marraige rate are not included in the above number either, nor are they likely to be much different).  This tells us that about half of the marraiges end in divorce.  We all know multiple people that have “had” a divorce, and most of us know people that have had more than one.  It’s not unheard of to have a “friend” that is on his/her fourth or fifth go at it (some people never learn!).

I’ve previously read somewhere, I would assume from a religious group as they tend to care the most about this topic, that the divorce rate in the United States is unresonably high, and that it should be harder to get divorced.

Getting a divorce is an extraordinarily difficult thing for most people.  As you argue over who gets what, clog up the courts with frivolous documents (I have a friend whose spouse, while going through their divorce, had their wages garnished… having never missed a payment.  Why on earth…?!?), and suffer through mandatory seperation times, counseling and remediation sessions, etc… the list goes on.  Getting a divorce is NOT any esay or inexpensive endeavor.  Those who want one, pay dearly for it in time and money… you have to assume that they REALLY want to get it.

On the other hand, you can go to Las Vegas, have a few too many “free” drinks, meet some complete stranger that looks great with your goggles on and run off to any number of chapels that will marry you in 20 minutes for under $100.  We have an entire city that is a “Marraige Express Lane”. 

To me the problem seems all too clear.  It’s definately not easy to get divorced, but it’s WAY too easy to get married.

Being devoutly non-religious I am hesitatnt to say this as I have experience with only a couple of religions… but I really think the Catholics have it right here (and it truely pains me to say this as I hate aerobics and to eat a cracker that’s the “body of Christ” and sip wine that’s his “blood” is just fucking creepy!).  You can’t just walk drive up to a window and get married in a Catholic church (you can in Vegas baby!).  A traditional Caothlic wedding requires months of preparation, counseling, meetings, and a ridiculously high “standard donation” (read as: fee) to a supposed “non-profit” organization (note to self:  write about the shenanigan’s of “non-profits” someday).  That gives you more than enough time to decide that you REALLY shouldn’t be doing this… that when she cleans she hides all of your stuff so you never have any idea where anything is…. and that his favorite past-time is farting, and he thinks you should smell them all and make grotesque faces as he laughs at his own ingenius.

I have a friend that is going through a divorce presently, and hating it.  Their spouse is a pain in the ass (same person from the wage garnishment reference above) and they just want to get away… Well, this friend mentioned to me that if they ever get married again they know where they want to do it.  Apparently, this friend had, since childhood always loved this quaint little place in the town they grew up in, and it presently costs $4,000 to rent this venue for personal use for a day.  I told my friend that if they get married again and their partner is agreeable, they should do it.  What the hell, you only get married twice!  Maybe…

Stat Reference Center for Disease Control

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